This is one of my favourite quotes. I love it so much I’m getting one of the lads to spray it on a wall in the gym. If you lift, if you lift seriously, you get it. It’s that raw power, the sheer competition between you and gravity. There’s no cheating it, either you lift the weight or you don’t. Strength sports have a way of levelling everyone. The barbell doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, young or old; it doesn’t care if you’re a CEO or a dish pig. Either you lift it or you don’t. When you lift, time stops, life stops, all the stress in your head stops. There’s no room for it, it’s just you and gravity in a wrestling match.

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  1. Mandy smyth says:

    Brillant blog really enjoyed the read ,well done , you write like you speak !

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  2. Dawid Milewski says:

    I feel that way about fighting…nice blog:)


    1. Cheers Dave 🙂 I think it’s pretty relevant to any primal stuff; lifting, fighting, dance, etc.


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