So, you wish you looked like a figure model?

Let’s introduce Laura. Laura is a former beauty queen, TV & Radio Presenter, self-proclaimed Powerlifting Princess and one of the hardest workers I know both in and out of the gym.

So, you wanna look like that? You can’t, and nor does she.

This picture was taken after an intense 6 week program for a photo shoot with another client, Ieva. Ieva also doesn’t look like this.

ieva bikini
taken the day she competed in her first female figure comp

Right now Ieva is all chubby and cuddly because she recently finisher her one final bulk before her competition in September (yep, that’s how committed the girl is to her sport, she bulked in summer).

To get in this shape the girls went through hell, no-one in their right minds would do it. You have to cycle; calories, carbohydrates, water, salt. It sucks, like it really sucks. It’s your boyfriends birthday today? Sorry sweetie but the only thing you can eat is 9 eggs today.

But at least they look great, right?

This is what they looked like the day before – after I made them do 2hrs of bullshit cardio, then go for a sauna – all while only existing on 900kcal of protein and 1 litre of dandelion and nettle tea.

sauna stunnahs
please don’t kill me for posting this!!!


So here’s the thing; all those fitness models, all those figure athletes you see. None of them look like that. Not today, not tomorrow, not any day except the one day that photo was taken. The photos are the worst part, they’re the great lie. The lie that says ‘this is attainable’. It’s not, not for more than 1 day anyway.

A great coach will easily make a very hard working girl look great with a nice little 4 pack for most of the year. That’s attainable, that’s realistic – for the very hard working.

But the mental toughness to get into cover model shape -that takes something truly special…. which brings me to the point of this post.


1 week after Laura did that photo shoot she competed in her first full powerlifiting competition.

single lifts 2016 5
actually this is a photo from National Single Lifts, but you get the idea

The mental toughness it took to get her into that shape in the first place, gave her the determination to follow up just 1 week later with the almost impossible task of competing in a full power comp (weighing in less than she did on photo shoot day and finishing with 2 new personal bests).

So in a very long winded way, my point is this. If you have the drive and determination, if you have a coach who cares not just about your success but also about your wellbeing you can honestly achieve anything. But you have got to want it: More than you want to go out drinking; More than you want to make starvation go away; More than you want the 20th training session of the week to just stop; More than you want to have a social life. You had better want it more than you want literally anything. You’re gonna cry – a lot. You’re gonna spend more time with your coach than anyone should. Your hormones are gonna get messed up (by the way ALL my athletes are 100% drug free). Getting into figure athlete/figure model shape is simply not for everyone. I’ll turn away someone in a heartbeat if I don’t believe they have the commitment. But if you do want it so bad it burns inside you, you can achieve anything.

For everyone else, please stop comparing yourselves to these photos. The girls in them don’t look like that right now any more than you do.

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