Lift Like A Girl

RANT ALERT: Almost nothing pisses me off more than female clients coming back upset that their friends/partners/family make negative comments about their physique or lifestyle from being a powerlifting/weightlifting/figure athlete.

dont lift heavy girl

Lad’s never (or very rarely) get this shit. Frankly it’s totally irrelevant that heavy lifting and a good diet gives you a smoking hot body. Why does society think it’s appropriate to pass comment on a woman’s lifestyle choices? Why does it need to be justified? If a girl is doing something that makes her happy, what business is it of anyone else to sit in judgement of that?

Frankly women are the worst perpetrators of this too. Let’s not pretend there aren’t plenty of douche bag guys who ‘don’t want my girl to get too muscled’ (read I have a tiny wiener and her self-empowerment is emasculating me). But by and large it’s women who try and shove cake down the throats of their gain’s lifestyle friends, or endlessly pass snide little comments.

In my experience most girls who take up a strength sport seriously love the lifestyle, camaraderie and support they get from other lifters.  The girls get just as much support and as little judgement as the lads. If you wonder why strength athletes tend to be cliquey it’s because there is no judgement, and relatively little jealousy (other than wishing your numbers were as good!). It’s a democratic community where the only currency that matters is effort and attitude.

So if you have an opinion about a girl who lifts, ask yourself first what your real issue is. Why do you feel the need to bring down someone who is doing something that makes her happy? If it’s not jealousy of her physique is it jealously that she is empowering herself and doing something that makes her happy? What right do you or anyone have to comment on a woman’s body and lifestyle choices? Would you say the same thing to a lad.

Happy Monday!


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  1. Yes, Yes and More YES!! Loved this, great read, thank you!


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