Deconstructing the Deadlift UPDATE

So it’s been a few month’s since we started working on Dave’s deadlift and you can really see how much his movements have improved. While there’s still a few little tweaks to work on it’s amazing how much better his deadlift is already with the right coaching and monitoring. If you want a refresher how bad it was check out De-constructing the Deadlift

Dave’s current deadlift

Dave’s original deadlift – in all its glory

You can see some significant improvements already – both videos are handling approximately the same percentage of 1RM by the way – in the start position Dave is now in a much better shoulder over bar position, with a much straighter spine, stronger core and slightly lower hip position. As his initial setup was his biggest problem in the first place this has been the main goal in correction.

Unfortunately Sir Reginald Slowfingers the third here is a bit shit at timing and the 2 photos in this sequence aren’t quite even. The current DL is from just slightly below the knees, the original from just slightly above – but the relevant points are still visible.

Mainly you can see Dave at present has still largely maintained a shoulders over bar position at the knees, whereas in the original analysis he was well forward – putting too much shear force through his lower spine. He’s also learned to lift his shoulders, bar and hips all at the same time which means his knees are no longer locked out when the bar is passing them (this has a big follow through into his lockout).


At lockout Dave now has a lovely glute dominant movement rather than locking out with his L-spine previously. He’s able to do this now as his start position has improved so he’s no longer shooting his hips, with knees bar and shoulders all moving together. He’s maintained a roughly vertical line all the way through.

Bear in mind that trying to search for a ‘perfect’ deadlift movement is elusive – your own biomechanics will ultimately dictate what is the best movement pattern for you.

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