Diary of a powerlifter – week 2

As Euros prep gets underway the training blogs are kicking off. The long term goals are written and it’s time to start pushing everyone back into training mode.

Up this week is the Würzburg Wonder, Jo:

This time training is different. We all know our goals and where we will be in July. We all know what to do to lift the shit out of our hearts for team Ireland. I am really proud to be part of that team and I know we will all support each other on this long journey. I am excited about the competition and really looking forward to this training cycle.

For the first time in my life, I wrote the training cycle by myself. I found the base for it online and with the help of Coach Max, we improved some parts and made sure we don’t lose the powerlifting focus. It was a lot of work but I enjoyed doing it. Definitely a great experience and it is fun to play with the numbers (reps/sets/weights/…). I mean if you are crazy and addicted to lifting. So, now I have a 17 week training cycle and can’t wait to start lifting. This will be a long time and a lot of reps.
Week 1 started extremely good, never was so motivated and actually wanted to lift, lift and lift. As I have so many weeks left the weights will be low anyway. And finally, I can do front squats again. No week without squats anymore. Juhu!!! I wanted to work on my love/hate relationship with front squats anywayJ.
Over all week 1 was a great start and I am happy that I was not too sore because I wrote the plan myself.

The first couple of weeks are focusing on high volume work, which just means a shitload of reps. Week 2 started with a lot of deadlifts, front squats and some bench. Felt sorer than expected but still good. And the most important thing is that I enjoyed every single workout. You will only keep lifting if you actually like what you do.
The end of week 2 was not so good; I felt sick and could not focus on my lifts.
On my last training day I felt so bad that I had to cancel training. When you deadlift 100kg and it feels like 200kg something is wrong. The body is telling you that this might not be a good idea and you should stop. So, I actually listened to my body and didn’t finish my training. Normally; I would never do this and just train. But I wanted to be smart and I know that there are enough training days left for me.
I will get some rest over the weekend and start with full energy into my workouts next week.

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