Diary of a powerlifter 3


Just going to warn you that this blog is basically me feeling sorry for myself.. Miss whinge-bag over here.


Ever since the nationals training for me has been one big let down after another. I could pretend its going great and I’m pumped for the Europeans but that’s not the case right now. Some lifters have occasional bad days in the gym, mine has turned into a solid bad month in the gym. The reason for this is my body has gone into shock after the nationals. It started off with shoulder issues, so I stayed away from benching and deadlift whilst I was in and out of sport massages with Max. Sounds nice and relaxing doesn’t it? More like roaring in pain and calling Max various names that your mammy would frown at whilst he stuck his famous elbow into my back. So using the shoulder in the gym wasn’t appealing as you can imagine, so I stuck with my favourite exercise; squats, and more squats. But the body was all like ha lol how about some nice old fashioned lower back pain to make you feel even better?! Which lead to pains shooting down to my foot. So I got acupuncture which involved needles the length of my forearm stuck in my back. Fun times huh?!


So this week in the gym was pretty miserable to say the least. Doing exercises that seem pointless and reps at 40%.. Not gonna lie, I feel like my strength has gone down the drain. I’m used to training 2hours a day, 5 days a week. I rested for 6 days and now I’m training 1hour a day, three days a week. I know I need the rest, but that’s hard to admit. I’ve never had issues like this before so I had pretty much convinced myself my body was invincible. Once again sorry for the misery, here’s hoping my next blog will be more positive and full of heavy lifting.


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