Diary of a powerlifter 4

IMG_9879The week started off with a nice little workout in the form of a delivery at work…it was slightly bigger than usual due to a busy week ahead projected with St. Patrick’s Day being on Friday. It was a great way to squeeze in an extra workout. Fast forward to the evening and with only a few minutes to myself after work it was time to head to the gym. It was my last week in this phase of the cycle. The weights were heavy and some days were tougher than others. I started the week with deadlifts. A bit like a night out; It was all going well until I started on the doubles! 😮 They got my heart rate up fairly rapidly and fatigue set in quickly. I wanted to call it a day half way through but after a good chat with myself; I powered on to the end. It was finally time to head home and eat and prep lunch for the next day. An early night was in order.

Going from being drained after my first session of the week, I was feeling positive about Tuesday’s session. It was Bench and Military Press and it went well. My love/hate relationship with Front squats continued this week. Having only introduced them to my training in the New Year, I thought they were the Devil to begin with. I’m slowly warming to them however, but I don’t know if we will ever be friends. We got on ok this week anyway though.

Back to deadlifts again. It was time for 1oo% block pulls. This was my first time doing block pulls and it just didn’t feel right. I couldn’t get the starting position right, therefore not getting the lift. With Max away, and in need of guidance on my technique, I decided just to scrap the blocks and go with the traditional deadlift. They were a bit of a struggle but I got there. However, I could feel my left adductors were a bit tight. It was time for some serious stretching. Unfortunately, I still had a feeling of tightness on certain movements so it was time to book in for a massage with Órla to let her work her magic.

As I wasn’t going to the gym on Friday, I squeezed 5 days training into 4. Perhaps, these heavy sessions had contributed to my muscle tightness. Either way I was done with my training for the week so it was time to rest up. St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t too hectic. It consisted of work and a catch up with friends after. It was just what the Doctor ordered. Saturday evening and it was time for a long overdue visit Home. Sunday was spent catching up with the Family, recharging the batteries and drinking Tea.

Lots of stretching over the weekend and my massage on Tuesday will hopefully have me right as rain again. Looking forward to strength testing and starting the new phase of the cycle next week. Squat/Bench is only 2 weeks away and I can’t believe it’s only 16 weeks until the Euro’s!…I CAN NOT WAIT!!! 😀

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