Fall Down Seven Times Stand Up Eight

This is the single most important lesson if you want to succeed. I have it tattooed on my chest. It’s as true for sport as it is in life. I’ve seen so many people quit because of a bump in the road, right before they were about to fulfill their dreams.

Forget about skill, talent, hard work, luck or any of that. At some point in everyone’s journey you are going to fall, and you can have the whole universe behind you but if you don’t get back up and keep trying your journey ends there. The opposite is also true. Everything can go wrong but if you keep trying eventually you will get there. You will outlast those who came, saw and conquered. Don’t give up, don’t quit. No matter how hard things get, if you really, truly want something; if you can’t stop thinking about it, if you really want something even though it seems impossible just try again.

The surest way to succeed is always to just get back up one more time.

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