Diary of a powerlifter 9

So…here’s my last blog before the Euros! Can’t believe they’re so close! Can’t wait for the 8th July!!! 😀


Christ on a bike! – It’s been a testing week, both physically, and mentally!

Deadlift has not been going the way I’d like. I didn’t finish any of my workouts this week! I ‘m frustrated with the lack of progress from last week and have been calling the weights every name under the Sun. I came away from the sessions feeling deflated and pissed off. Fortunately, Fridays session went a bit better and I finally managed to lift heavier but I was still underwhelmed with my performance. It was a struggle!

Bench, on the other hand, is going well. A few technical issues have come to light with my lifts as a result of dislocating my shoulder but the weight itself feels good. I hope this remains the case come the Euros! Internal rotation of my right shoulder was very weak as a result of my injury, but in the process of fixing this issue I ended up over correcting it and now need to work on the internal rotation of my left shoulder to even things out.

The physio sessions have been getting tougher and more tiring as they have become more like workouts due to the changes in exercises as the time has gone on and as my shoulder has gotten stronger. A number of push up variations have been added and they can leave me feeling drained!…it still beats hundreds of stretches any day though!

19 weeks have passed now since the European Championship qualifiers and It’s been a very bumpy road for me since with plenty of highs and lows, and some major setbacks. Since my injury, I have purposely avoided thinking about what weight I am going to lift on the day as I just wanted to focus on strengthening my shoulder as much as possible in the lead up to the Euros. However, over the past few days (probably due to my poor deadlift performances!), I have been giving it a lot of thought – possibly to the point of over thinking it!

I can’t help but think of the original numbers I had set my sights on way back when, but with everything that has happened in the meantime things are a little different now and I have to re-adjust accordingly. I have almost locked down my numbers for bench but my deadlift numbers are still very much up in the air. It will all depend on how next weeks training sessions go.

With just 2 weeks left to the Euros, I’m not far off making weight so fingers crossed that shouldn’t be an issue…One less thing to worry about hopefully! I am however, keeping my diet clean in the meantime, making sure to get enough fuel for training and recovery.

I have worked my ass off to get to this point! I’ve been in the gym 5 days a week, every week since January, missing only one week after my injury. I have also spent countless hours doing physio! I will have 6 lifts at the Euros – that’s 6 attempts to show just what can be done when you leave all your excuses behind and set your mind to achieving something that seems impossible! 6 attempts to show the results of all my hard work, especially in the last 7 weeks!…If those few weeks have thought me anything at all, it is that recovery is as much mental as it is physical!

I’m afraid that’s it from me until the competition folks!…Just one more week of training, then rest, rest and more rest before stepping onto the platform and giving it my all at the European Championships!


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  1. adampulman says:

    Go crush it!!!

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