Diary of a powerlifter – final entry!

IMG_0817Less then two weeks left till competition and I’m feeling pretty good! Almost finished 18 weeks of training and I can confidently say that my injuries are under control, my weight is almost on target for my weight category and my strenght is increasing. 18 weeks ago my body wasn’t happy with me and it kept telling me to give up, luckily stubborness runs through my family and now I am the strongest I have ever been. My body still isn’t the happiest but with daily rehab exercises and sports thearpy massages I have it under control.
I am currently on a Bulgarian training cycle which really helps to boost your strenght. Currently My squat is at 113kg, my bench is at 49.5kg and my deadlift is at 122.5kg. Aiming for 115kg squat, 50kg bench and 125kg deadlift.

I am in the sub 60kg weight category. I was 62.5kg so having to cut has been a new experience for me… I would like to take the oppertunity to apologise to my loves ones for my level of hangryness. Going from 3,700 calories to 2,000 calories is pretty tough for someone who eats on an hourly basis and is pretty much a bottemless pit.


So looking foward to getting onto the platform, lifting some stuff and eating whatever I want!

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  1. adampulman says:

    Hope you crush it at the meet!


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