Do I need cardio to lose weight?

The biggest misconception among those just starting their health & fitness journey is that cardio is necessary for weightloss

Diary of a powerlifter – final entry!

Less then two weeks left till competition and I’m feeling pretty good! Almost finished 18 weeks of training and I can confidently say that my injuries are under control, my weight is almost on target for my weight category and my strenght is increasing. 18 weeks ago my body wasn’t happy with me and it…

Diary of a powerlifter 9

So…here’s my last blog before the Euros! Can’t believe they’re so close! Can’t wait for the 8th July!!! 😀   Christ on a bike! – It’s been a testing week, both physically, and mentally! Deadlift has not been going the way I’d like. I didn’t finish any of my workouts this week! I ‘m frustrated…

Diary of a Powerlifter 6

The thing as a powerlifter, you just cannot stop. You always want to lift heavier. It doesn’t matter if it is up only by 1kg or in my case 2,5kg. More is more.

Diary of a powerlifter 3

Just going to warn you that this blog is basically me feeling sorry for myself.. Miss whinge-bag over here. Ever since the nationals training for me has been one big let down after another. I could pretend its going great and I’m pumped for the Europeans but that’s not the case right now. Some lifters…